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  • Equity Funds

    These include open end Equity Funds such as DWS Alpha Equity Fund, DWS Investment Opportunity Fund, DWS Tax Saving Fund and Offshore Funds such as DWS Global Agribusiness Offshore Fund.

  • Debt Funds

    These include open end Debt Funds such as DWS Short Maturity Fund, DWS Premier Bond Fund, DWS Banking and PSU Debt Fund, DWS Cash Opportunities Fund, DWS Ultra Short Term Fund, DWS Gilt Fund; Liquid Funds such as DWS Insta Cash Plus Fund and Hybrid Funds such as DWS Income Advantage Fund.

  • Fixed Term Funds

    These include close end fund series such as DWS Fixed Maturity Plan and DWS Hybrid Fixed Term Fund.

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DWS Large Cap Fund Series 2

DWS Large C...nd Series 2

DWS Large Cap Fund Series 2

18/03/201504:51 Min.

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